StartleMe: Notecards and Prints
Sisters Print, Family Photo of Sisters, Black and White
Sisters Print, Family Photo of Sisters, Black and White


Photographing things and stuff in itself is great fun. And, sharing your pictures with family and friends is rewarding. The toughest thing I found about sharing photos, is presentation. Options such as slide shows and photo albums are now mundane, and admittingly, are dull; one or two photos of the River Siene is great, but 19 of them, not so great.

So after many years of filling photo albums, and filing those albums into the far reaches of closet space, I started experimenting with other ways to share my photos.

Going from snapshots to photographic art, required expanding my knowledge of photography and photo editing software. My goal was to take my photos from ordinary to snap, pow, and pizazz. Along the way, I learned how to observe my surroundings with appreciation to discover the awe and beauty of our world.

From the photography courses I took, I was introduced to a wide variety of media used to present photographic art. An excellent presentation media is the notecard. It's the perfect gift for anyone that appreciates giving or receiving unique items.

I don't specialize in any particular subject matter. My interests range from flowers to places to people. Whether close to home or from afar, interesting subjects can always be found; you just have to look.