StartleMe: Notecards and Prints
Washoe Sunrise, The Dawn Patrol, Reno Hot Air Balloon Races
Washoe Sunrise Print, The Dawn Patrol, Reno Hot Air Balloon Races

Capture, Create, Share!

StartleMe is the creation of Ruben Rodriguez and Laura Marineau; born artists who somehow wound up in the fields of computer technology and education respectively.

Ruben is an avid photographer who enjoys sharing his creations with others. He often shares his photo creations in notecard form with family and friends. Inspired by the enjoyment expressed by those receiving his notecards, Ruben has gone on to create a sizeable collection of notecards.

Laura's eclectic flair ranges from painting to welding. Not afraid to experiment, she has crafted many unique and unsual pieces throughout the years.

Together Laura and Ruben have embarked on creating this online boutique of unique of charming wares. StartleMe has selected notecards, photographic art, and computer slide shows as its initial offerings. StartleMe's goal is to deliver a quality product that is distinct, unique, and affordable.